Brief Vitae

Name: Professor Arun Kumar
Date of Birth: 26th April, 1961
Father’s Name: Sri S. K. Garg
Languages known: English and Hindi
Marital status: Married
Passport details: Passport No. K1292197 valid up to 12/09/2021
Countries Visited: Nepal, England, France, Italy and Switzerland
Experience: Teaching B. Tech. (Information Technology), MBA, CA, M. Com., B. Com. for twenty nine years
  In Research & Publications from twenty five years.
  Ten MDP lectures
  Visiting faculty to ten fine Institutions and Universities.
  Eighty two Books Published
  Two Research Projects
  Thirty Research Papers Published
  Supervision of Nine Ph.Ds.
  Four MBA dissertations
Other Experiences: Sixteen years’ experience in Consulting
  Twenty-one years’ experience in Editing
  Ten years’ experience as corporate trainer on Personal Excellence and Leadership
  Membership of fourteen professional bodies
  About hundred and fifty Seminars & Conferences attended.