Professor Kumar is an inborn entrepreneur. He is in businesses since he was seventeen. He started translating for Reader’s digest at the age of nineteen years. He joined in publishing business with his maternal family. After some time, he made multiple ventures with his friends. Professor Kumar has a distinguished understanding of different industries and businesses, perhaps for this reason.

Having the heritage of trader lineage, professor Kumar has learnt knacks from his extended family and family friends while his studies. He is great time manager from very early of his life and has always been managing time to allocate it properly to study and business both.

When his studies completed, he utterly entered into business.His life is voyage from success to failure, failure to success but without losing enthusiasm. He never lets success get to his head and failure get to his heart, he keeps moving and learning.


Some of his prominent ventures are:


Shuchita Prakashan (P) Ltd.

He started thisenterprisein 1989 which was a sole proprietorship named as Shuchita Prakashan. It turned into a private company and became Shuchita Prakashan (P) Ltd. in 1993. The seed of this company is heed for customers. Professor Kumar fathomed the need of his friends appearing in prestigious professional examinations. Having systematic thinking approach, Professor Kumar devised the solution and started supplying to those whom he knew. Very soon, he started getting orders from many other aspirants. Professor Kumar was short of money to start his publishing house to cater to this increasing demand. He went to many publishers for printing and distribution of his book, but these proposals didn’t turn up.

Initially it was a closed group activity but finding that the effectiveness of material was very high, he started selling photocopies of his manuscript. For bigger mass, he went to cyclostyled machine and then the whooping demand by 1992 made him switch to offset printing. With many more added features – Scanner- the first product, the brand leapt growing.

SPPL, though a commercial organization, operates on the values of mutual benefits with the society as a whole. From the very inception it operated, in integrated manner, for mutual benefits, transparency, contribution and accountability. The Gandhian philosophy of trusteeship is source of its strength. Magnanimous approach towards anonymous charity and innovation for maintaining the give back are the integral part of Shuchita philosophy.

Company has a niche market. It faces low competitive forces still sells products on marginal prices. There is good customer base and due to absence of substitute products, company volumes around 90% of the market. Company has an online arm www.sauda.com.

In July 2011, SPPL made an innovation and called them – “Green Edition”. Due to this, by July 2012, number of copies sold increased four times. The revenue figures showed growth of 92% and competitors could not devise any strategy to another niche product of SPPL.

Shuchita Prakashan (P) Ltd. is looking forward owning specialized backend chain for producing more economical and qualitative green edition. The company is heading towards realizing its aspiration of giving direct advantage to customers by eliminating the chain of intermediaries. They are expanding towards paper manufacturing and printing facilities. The company is exploring to execute its claimed original ideas.Visit company website: www.shuchita.com


Shuchita Retail (P) Ltd.

Shuchita Retail (P) Ltd. is basically into pharmaceutical retail. The company operates in medical domain with a new role and a new business model. The purpose of SRPL is to save the lives from fake medicines, inadequacies and delays, to fetch people genuine medicines at their convenient place and time. Give them a dependable hand to hold in their unwell time for sure advantage.

SRPL aims to type the process of cure an experience of specialty, true care, kindness and largesse, by using technology and systems, streamlining of operations, extermination of wastage and hostage, and creating a network of clarity and adequacy.

Opened in March 2012, the company has booked the growth of 400% in the year 2014-15.It is expanding vigorously not only by its own effort but the support and demand from customers’ end. Visit company website: www.shuchitaretail.com


Shuchita Technologies (P) Ltd.

Shuchita Technologies is a fast growing software company that delivers tangible value to organizations worldwide by designing, developing and implementing innovative software solutions to streamline complex business processes and replace high maintenance legacy applications focussingorganizations’ attention and response to the needs of their client. STPL masters the art of understanding specific business need and providing pointed but scalable solutions. They provide both – the shrink pack and customized software. STPL masters expertise in publishing industry with a wide experience of many other industries. There solutions range from software to hardware and their combined solutions. Visit company website: www.shuchitatechnologies.com



Allahabadcityonline.com is a venture to provide one website for every information about Allahabad and one portal to transact.

Purpose of allahabadcityonline.com web portal will provide information about Allahabad – the city, its news, weather, visit places, education hubs, shops, transport, public services etc. it also provides the facility to residential of Allahabad to share or sell their product online. It is the virtual Allahabad network. You can explore and contact all the hotels, attraction, big and small shops, restaurant, and travel area wise and latest happenings of Allahabad. It runs the campaign #changeallahabad where citizens can write their specific problems to be sent to respective authorities for the change.




The Scanner Academy

The Scanner Academy (TSA) attended the training and education wing of Shuchita Group of companies.

Shuchita Web Developer (P) Limited

The company ran successfully for ten years from 1999 to 2009. The company had expertise in developing web-enabled tools. It was the time when website building was great business. SWDPL provided great and memorable web presence to its client companies. Its creativity was lauded all around. With the evolution, SWDPL winded up and paved the way for Shuchita Technologies (P) Ltd.

Shuchita Business Consultants (P) Ltd.

SBCPL has efficacious score in consultancy through the length and breadth of country in ISO 9001:2008 consultation. Professor Kumar himself is Lead auditor and a much esteemed consultant of Quality Management Systems.

This company certified host of institutions for ISO 9001:2008. It undertook several projects of World Bank for implementing ISO in education.


Professor Kumar’s franchise collaboration with DTDC is acknowledged by DTDC as excellent. The business operates in Naini Industrial area and books good business from commercial clients.

Professor Kumar ran many nationally acknowledged franchise businesses like Guardian Pharmacy and Sangeetha Mobiles.