Playing Games

Professor Kumar is an experienced player of Table Tennis. He plays Tennis since his school days. He is fond of playing various other indoor and outdoor games. It makes his teaching style very different.

Oration and Stage

Professor Kumar is famous for his oratory abilities and famous speeches made on some occasions. He loves speaking for the cause. He addresses public very amicably with utmost passion. He has been part of varied public speaking events – in schools, higher education, university events, business gatherings, promotion of ideas and other causes related to education.

He is also a stage artist and have been very participative in various function and competition. Represented his hostel, Diamond Jubilee, University of Allahabad, Allahabad, and brought many laurels.

Yoga Practice

Professor Kumar is an astute seeker of spirituality and Yogic dimension. He is a regular practitioner of Iyanger’s Yoga. Professor Kumar has learnt Yoga from Shah Guruji, the immediate disciple of Guruji Sri BKS Iyangar at KARE, Pune.

Professor Kumar’s spiritual quest made him available to wisdom of Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev. Professor Kumar attended many programs of Isha Yoga at various centres and geographic locations and learnt programmes like Isha Inner Engineering, Bhoot Shuddhi, Suryakriya, Upyoga, and Angmardana. Realization of freedom, raised consciousness and inclusiveness through these programmes has made him a regular practitioner of these yogic kriyas.


Professor Kumar’s simple living is inspired by ayurvedic principles. His passion to live life in its purest form drawn him towards Ayurveda. Professor Kumar keeps understanding Ayurvedic regime through literature and practice.

Exploration of Nature

Professor Kumar’s travel log has entries of myriads of places close to nature. He loves loosing himself in the midst of nature for days.

Occult Practices

He has an innate inclination towards occult powers. He has been in the company of great astrologers and wizards and learnt many things from them for his understanding.