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A long list of labels applies to Professor Arun Kumar, but perhaps “rarity” is the one that fits him best. Professor Arun Kumar is a unique blend of heart and mind, continually reinventing himself to align his abilities with the needs of both his professional and personal life, propelling himself into new realms of achievement.

As a Professor at the University of Allahabad, Professor Kumar specializes in the Application of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) in Business, Organizational and personal Effectiveness, and Quality Management Systems. He has been associated with institutions of national and international repute for his academic and research work. The fondness and veneration he receives from the academic fraternity testify to his dedication to academia.

Professor Kumar has extensive corporate training experience, has worked with Franklin Covey South Asia, and is certified in many other corporate training programs. He has organized and led numerous workshops, seminars, meetings, training programs, talks, and presentations at academic, corporate, and social institutions.

A distinguished figure in the CA, CS, and CMA networks, Professor Kumar is renowned for inventing the Scanner, a pivotal tool in professional education in India. In 2010, he introduced the “Green Edition” to address students’ heavy photocopying, which resulted in significant losses for the publishing industry.

He has a passion for education and has authored seventy-eight books and thirty research papers. He is the editor of the Global Journal of Enterprise Information Systems and the International Conference series on e-commerce, e-administration, e-society, e-education, and e-technology. Sixteen doctoral theses have been published under his supervision.

Professor Kumar holds numerous international and national certifications, including Certified Information Systems Auditor by the Information Systems Audit and Control Association, U.S.A.; Certified Lead Auditor by IIQM, Ministry of Information Technology, Government of India; and Accredited Management Teacher by the All India Management Association.

He is a trusted consultant in Quality Management Systems based on ISO 9001:2015 for Organizations and Educational Institutions, IT Audits, IT Systems Development, Human Resource Management and Development, Entrepreneurship, Investments, and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP).

Professor Kumar is an innate entrepreneur who has been directing companies for twenty-five years. He uniquely combines theoretical solutions with practical applications. He is the Founding Director of Shuchita Group, a market leader for 33 years.

His recent interest lies in infusing spiritual training and practice into everyday life to achieve exceptional results.

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