It’s being great to hear you in the classroom, apart from the subject in which you of course teach very good, the general matters which you tell us is practical and is of great importance. I also feel a substantial change in my self after I started attending your lectures and become a little more efficient with my friends also by learning your teaching style upto the level of my potential.
Sir, specially i am grateful for todays lecture, in the end of which you told us about our brain and its levels (The three levels) Insha ALLAH i will hold your words for lifetime & thanks for every lecture and for every session of Q/Ans.
Yours obedient
Md. Moosa Qasim M. Com. First Sem


Ravi Raj (Roll number: 112) wrote on 13 September, 2014

Dear Sir

I am very sorry …………………

You can expect better and more appropriate behavior from me in the future. I have learned from this experience and understand that a certain level of refrain and professionalism is expected of me in the classroom.

I recognize your dedication to education and your commitment to instill in me the knowledge I need to succeed. I hope our relationship is undamaged from my actions and that I can continue to learn and grow under your guidance.

Ravi Raj
Roll number: 112
13 September, 2014


Shivani Srivastava (MBA 49th Batch) wrote on 22 August, 2014

Good Evening, Sir.

Thanks for appreciating my efforts in the last mail. I regret that I could not send you the class summary on August 20th.
I don’t know whether I should be saying this, but whenever you tell us an incident or a story; I recall this line from a book that I read, “and the shepherd eyes shined like the sun as he narrated the stories of the Welsh Mountains…” As a child I always wondered what this shepherd would be like? But now I guess I know.
I feel like a little child when I hear all sorts of tales and incidents and I want to thank you for the same.
Thanks for your amazing vision and guidance.

Good Night to you, Sir!