I was your student in the MCom 2022-24 batch. One valuable lesson I learned from you was the protocol for sitting in class. I have been teaching the same discipline to the ICAI students in Prayagraj. Thank you so much for instilling this sense of discipline. 🙏
Anish Kanaujia

चरणस्पर्श 🙏
Sir writing this to seek your blessings for the new role i am joining in, Senior Executive Corporate Sales at Naukri.com
Sir your lessons not only equipped me with knowledge but also made someone like me , navigate the interview process so smoothly.
Always looking forward to your blessings 🙏
Ramendra Singh Tomar
58 Batch

Thank you so,so much for everything! I’m sure even the best AI in the world would struggle to find the words capable of capturing the depth of our gratitude towards you.
We have truly been blessed to have you as our guide.
Thank you, truly!
M58 Tanay Manglani

Good evening sir 😊Hope you are fine and you are the most adorable and disciplined teacher I have ever met in my life.
Many of the students doesn’t even know that today was the last class of yours and everyone is thinking that today i was also there…….
I request you to please engage a class with the information to whole class with you…
Thank you sir kind redards🫡
M57 Abhishek Singh

In today class I have learnt the real meaning of apology.opology play an important role in your life.
Through the apology you can make relationship better,trust , credibility,as well as you can heal the inner damage through apology.
This workshop oplogy is one the best lecture of my life .I am very lucky that I got guru like you sir.
Today I came to know that you are also serious actor sir wow I love that last scene that you made with our classmate.
Ravi Prakash

गुरुं वन्दे करुणामयम् । गुरुं वन्दे सुज्ञानमयम् । गुरुं वन्दे सिद्धिप्रदम् । गुरुं वन्दे बुद्धिप्रदम् । गुरु बन्दे विमलमतिम् । गुरुं बन्दे अमलकृतिम्।।🙏
Felt the deepest urge to share and dedicate these beautiful lines to you Sir.Respected Sir, 🙏
Wonderful afternoon to you.
Words won’t do justice to express my deepest gratitude to you. Your intense efforts, your real life examples, your energy, your zeal, your dedication and everything sir that you do to make us better human beings for tomorrow, is way more than just an appreciation.
Today’s workshop that was wonderfully conducted and organised by you sir has widened my horizon and made me understand the importance of an effective apology.
Where I learned the most important aspect of it ,that apology has to come deep down from the heart and it will never make you feel smaller instead it will make you feel more at peace and satisfaction than before.
Apology is purposeful when there are two ways of effort for it one who receives even after being deeply hurt and another who feels the urge to apologise again and again for his wrongdoing, but if it does not mean that way, it doesn’t works even after putting so much of effort then, CHANGE THE PATH!!
Heartiest thank you sir for always being an inspiration and motivation since day 1.
Truly blessed to have your guidance in this journey and getting this honour to be under your supervision .🙏
Sincere regards,

Dear Sir,
I have learned life with different perspective with you but due to your absence I am not learning something new more but still Your absence for 29 days has made me keenly realize the profound impact you’ve had on my life.
Your teachings extend beyond the academic realm, guiding me through life’s phases with wisdom and care. Your absence magnifies the importance and value you bring, unparalleled by anyone else.
You’re not just a professor; you’re a beacon of inspiration and knowledge. Each day without your guidance feels incomplete, emphasizing the unique role you play in shaping my perspective and understanding.
Your absence is a poignant reminder of the indelible mark you’ve left on my journey, underscoring the profound gratitude I feel for your impactful presence.”

Hello Sir,
Hope this message finds you in good health. Today marks as an official day as i pass out from MONIRBA, having received my final semester marksheet.
Utilising a percentage of all the experience you shared during your classes I have completed one month at ICICI Bank. I have been designated as Relationship Manager, SMEG Department, Business Banking Group.
The echo of your lectures still stays with me and helping me. Before any meeting, introduction or mail-writing, I usually ask myself how you’d handle this situation. Although i won’t boast of having absorbed all your shared knowledge but still a change in perspective helps me a bit. Thank you sir.
This message is basically to stay in touch with the blessings of my professor in the future as well.
🙏 Thank you once again sir.
Warm Regards
Aditya Kapoor
57th Batch – MONIRBA.

On this special day, I want to wish you a very happy birthday! You have not only been an incredible teacher but also an amazing mentor to me.
Your guidance, support, and encouragement have helped me in so many ways. You have challenged me to think critically, pushed me to be my best self, and inspired me to pursue my passions.
I am grateful for the time you have spent with me, sharing your knowledge, expertise, and wisdom.
Thank you for being such an incredible influence in my life. I hope this birthday is as special as you are and that you are surrounded by love and appreciation from your friends and family.
Wishing you all the best on your special day and always.
Warmest wishes,
Vinay Singh

Good evening sir,
I am Nitin from M58th batch.
My friend who is more likely be my guru for shaping my character and also help me alot to be mentally stable as I was going through mental disorder and I was unable to convey myself to my parents. Help me alot, atlast wrote a diary for me and gifted me.
Wrote that find a Guru in your life like a Buddha but I did not take it seriously but when she left me I was too adicted to fullful every promise I made to her.
Today I got a Guru like a budhha(Arun sir).
I will write this in my diary.
My light is rekindled by a spark by you, deep gratitute to you for having lighted the flame within me.
I do not have words to explain this and define your position in my life. You are just a god for me and my buddha Guru 🙏🙏🙏
Nitin Ghanshyam Upadhyay

It’s being great to hear you in the classroom, apart from the subject in which you of course teach very good, the general matters which you tell us is practical and is of great importance. I also feel a substantial change in my self after I started attending your lectures and become a little more efficient with my friends also by learning your teaching style upto the level of my potential.
Sir, specially i am grateful for todays lecture, in the end of which you told us about our brain and its levels (The three levels) Insha ALLAH i will hold your words for lifetime & thanks for every lecture and for every session of Q/Ans.
Yours obedient
Md. Moosa Qasim
M. Com. First Sem


Ravi Raj (Roll number: 112) wrote on 13 September, 2014

Dear Sir

I am very sorry …………………

You can expect better and more appropriate behavior from me in the future. I have learned from this experience and understand that a certain level of refrain and professionalism is expected of me in the classroom.

I recognize your dedication to education and your commitment to instill in me the knowledge I need to succeed. I hope our relationship is undamaged from my actions and that I can continue to learn and grow under your guidance.

Ravi Raj
Roll number: 112
13 September, 2014

Shivani Srivastava (MBA 49th Batch) wrote on 22 August, 2014

Good Evening, Sir.

Thanks for appreciating my efforts in the last mail. I regret that I could not send you the class summary on August 20th.
I don’t know whether I should be saying this, but whenever you tell us an incident or a story; I recall this line from a book that I read, “and the shepherd eyes shined like the sun as he narrated the stories of the Welsh Mountains…” As a child I always wondered what this shepherd would be like? But now I guess I know.
I feel like a little child when I hear all sorts of tales and incidents and I want to thank you for the same.
Thanks for your amazing vision and guidance.

Good Night to you, Sir!
Shivani Srivastava